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Corporate Adverts on Instagram

I have just read two opinion pieces about Taoma: the popular Instagram comedian whose skits are based on what I assumed to be the typical Yoruba household setting of overly dramatic parents – albeit exaggerated for comedic effect.

Taoma just put out an ad for Sigma pensions, but reviewers have faulted the company’s decision to engage her. According to them, the constant slapping promotes parent-child violence, which a corporate brand should not be associated with.
We have debated using influencers for some of our marketing efforts at Sycamore. Based on our findings, such moves seem to bring more brand awareness as opposed to direct sales.

Personally, I enjoy the comedic angles these guys – Maraji, Taoma, Mr. Macaroni and the likes – bring to advertising. Many are of the opinion that Taoma promotes parent-child violence. But I’m of the view that there’s nothing wrong with smacking your kids a little every now and then, when they misbehave.


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Babatunde Akin-Moses

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