Nigerians Making Progress

Beyond the fraud cases, visa woes and political drama, Nigerians are making us proud on the global scene. Just this week Segun Agbaje was appointed as a board member to PepsiCo: one of the largest food and beverage businesses in the world. This is a fantastic development, so I’m surprised we aren’t talking more about it.

Segun Agbaje joins other Nigerians on prominent boards. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is a board member of Twitter and has recently been nominated as a Director General for the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Likewise, Professor Enase Okonedo, the Dean of @lbsnigeria, also joined the Board of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in June last month. GMAC is the organisation that owns the standardised GMAT tests – you know, those tough exams you take to get into leading business schools “in the abroad” 😀

We are still doing well!

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Babatunde Akin-Moses

I am currently CEO and co-founder of Sycamore, a peer to peer lending platform that connects lenders to borrowers using technology. I love to write about business, economy, policy, startups, inspiration and entertainment. I am also deeply passionate about making Nigeria and Africa as a whole, a much better place to thrive and prosper for all.

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