About Me

Babatunde Akin-Moses
Chief Executive Officer, Sycamore.NG

Babatunde is the CEO of Sycamore.NG, a peer to peer (P2P) lending platform which connects lenders to borrowers. Babatunde has extensive consulting and finance experience with close to a decade spent cumulatively at Shell, KPMG, PwC and Pezesha (a P2P lending Fintech in Kenya). He is also a first-class graduate of Economics, a chartered accountant and an MBA graduate from Lagos Business School and IESE Business School Barcelona

Prior to Sycamore, my experience has been in consulting (for 2 of the Big 4 accounting firms) where I specialised in accounting, tax and finance for energy, utilities and mining companies. Thoroughly enjoyed my time working with these two great firms, as I got the opportunity to work with the most brilliant people in both private and public sectors.

My bachelor’s degree is in economics. I am also a chartered accountant and an MBA holder from Lagos Business School, with a brief stay at IESE Business School for an exchange program (both fantastic institutions by the way).

I love my family. My parents raised us as one loving unit. I also love music and movies. Many people are surprised when I tell them how much I love hip-hop. They always struggle to reconcile my calm disposition to someone rapping. I remember how scared my dad looked when he found that that I rapped on a song!

Not sure at what point I developed a passion for Nigeria, and started being a patriot. All I know is that I am bullish about enterprise and governance, in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I know the issues, the challenges. I mean, we all live through it every day. However, there is this urge I have to be part of the solution.

I love to write about business, economy, policy, startups, inspiration and entertainment. I am also deeply passionate about making Nigeria and Africa as a whole, a much better place to thrive and prosper for all.

If you are reading this as a Nigerian or African, I really hope that all I write on this blog spurs you into action to be part of the solution to our problems as well. Being part of the solution does not mean running for office or starting the next Microsoft for Africa. It can be as simple as obeying traffic rules, disposing waste properly and obeying law and order. Let us all play our part.

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